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Get the newest DOORS codes here, one of the premium Roblox horror games that has stormed onto the front page. Doors are not inherently spooky, but the endless corridors and mysteries behind every door make this one of the most terrifying and unique games we've seen in a long time. Horror games, lượt thích Apeirophobia, have had a great year on Roblox.

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These DOORS codes can be redeemed for không tính phí rewards and revives in the game. They are not added often, but we vì thế kiểm tra regularly lớn see if anything new has been added.

We added a new code on April 11. DOORS has been visited three billion times!

All DOORS Codes




133 knobs, 1 revive, 1 boost

Codes are case-sensitive! Make sure lớn enter them exactly as you see them above, with numbers, capital letters, and punctuation.

Expired DOORS Codes




Free knobs and revive!


Free knobs


100 knobs, 1 revive, 1 boost

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Free knobs and revive!


Free knobs and revive!


1 không tính phí Knob


100 không tính phí Knobs and a không tính phí revive

How To Redeem Codes

DOORS Roblox

  • Click the Shop button on the left-side of the screen
  • Enter the code in the top box
  • Hit enter or redeem (you might need lớn press it a couple of times)
  • Your rewards will show up in the top right corner

If your code doesn't work, make sure lớn press the button a couple more times. It can be a bit buggy lớn redeem. If the code still doesn't work, make sure you've entered it correctly & checked if the code is expired.

What Are DOORS Codes?

DOORS Pre Run Shop

These codes are rewards given out by the developer that can be redeemed for Knobs and Revives in the game, both important currencies that can be useful lớn help your character on its DOORs journey. Knobs are used lớn buy stuff in the Pre Run Shop, lượt thích Vitamins, Lockpicks, and Flashlights. New codes are typically added when a new milestone is hit - lượt thích 100m visits, for example.

How To Get More Codes

We collect all the codes here, sánh you don't need lớn look anywhere else. If you want lớn keep on top of new codes, updates, and sneak peeks, make sure lớn follow the dev's Twitter trương mục and visit the Discord server here.

What Is DOORS?

DOORS Entrance Way

Doors is currently one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform, and it's one of the best horror games of the year. Developed by LSPLASH, this game is all about wandering through murky corridors looking for a way out of a haunted mansion. Behind every door there is a fright, a mystery, something truly horrifying. You can play alone or with friends.

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