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RB (Right Back) is one of the positions in the 4ATB (four at the back) formation. Just lượt thích LB on the left side, this position is usually occupied by players who not only can defend, but also attack and help their teammates from the right flank.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (AWB), one of the best RB (Right Back) on FIFA Mobile

In VSA matches, you need RB with good defensive stats because most of the time, you will only use it đồ sộ help and protect your defense. But in H2H and Manager Mode, you need RB that is good both in attack and defense because you will play it just lượt thích in a real football match.

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The most important attributes for RB in FIFA Mobile are Pace, Marking, Aggression, and Interceptions. Also, Dribbling, Crossing, and Passing stats for more attacking RB.

The best skill boost for RB is Reactions and Pace.

In H2H and Manager Mode, the best RB (right back) for you actually depends on your playing style. If you prefer your RB đồ sộ frequently join the attack and deliver crosses, while also having high pace, players lượt thích Cafu and Achraf Hakimi might be more suitable for you. However, if you prefer RBs who are more defensively oriented and don’t get caught out of position, players lượt thích Philipp Lahm or Carles Puyol could be a better fit. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and how you want your RB đồ sộ contribute đồ sộ your team.

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Here is the complete list of the best RB on FIFA Mobile 23.

PlayerOVRProgramSkill Boost
Kyle Walker114UCLPace
Cafú114Event IconsPace
Carlos Alberto113Prime IconsBalanced
Jeremie Frimpong114UTOTSPace
Jonathan Clauss113UTOTSPace
Philipp Lahm111Event IconsPace
Gianluca Zambrotta112Event IconsPace
Kyle Walker112What IfBalanced
Javier Zanetti112Prime IconsReactions
Juan Cuadrado110TOTSPace
Cafú110Prime IconsReactions
Kieran Trippier110TOTSBalanced
Jeremie Frimpong110TOTSPace
Achraf Hakimi110UTOTYBalanced
Carles Puyol110Prime IconsPace
Reece James112TOTSPace

Please note that some may need đồ sộ train đồ sộ certain OVRs in order đồ sộ show their best gameplay.

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EA also can bởi buffs or nerfs on RB in FIFA Mobile, and they always release new events and new cards, so sánh the list above can change at any time. We will try đồ sộ always update the list of the best RB on FIFA Mobile 23.

Also, kiểm tra the best players in their respective positions:


If you have a good RB player recommendation besides the list above, please comment below.