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The imposing white façade of La Siesta Premium 27 Hang Be Street overlooks one of Hanoi Old Quarter’s vibrant streets. In ancient times, this was where ‘be’ – a very basic type of wooden boat – was traded. Now the Street is buzzing with a myriad of cafes, restaurants, tailoring shops and traditional souvenir stalls. La Siesta Premium Hang Be embodies classic charm with Asian touches, traditional features and elegant period furnishings creating harmony and balance. A calm neutral color scheme enhanced with splashes of warm colors and mood lighting makes it a tranquil place vĩ đại relax.

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The Premium package @ USD389 Net per person. Total would be USD778 Net for 02 persons, with tax and service charge included.

Indulgence Package

Plan your perfect trip vĩ đại Hanoi and Halong Bay with our special featured Indulgence Package: USD385 per person (for accommodation at our La Siesta Classic Ma May Hotel) OR USD395 per person (for accommodation at our La Siesta Premium Hang Be Hotel).

Heritage Line

Our 8 Day/7 Night Vietnam Heritage Package takes you vĩ đại discover World Heritage Sites of UNESCO from Ha Long with hundreds of limestone karst islands of various sizes and shapes vĩ đại Hoi An ancient town with hidden charms of My Son Holyland.

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Elegance Hospitality Group

Elegance Hospitality Group is a group of hotels renowned for our well-equipped facilities and sophisticated service. Founded in the early 2000s, we have developed from our first khách sạn in Hanoi vĩ đại the current chain of 6 boutique hotels in Hanoi's Old Quarter and one outstanding resort in Hoi An Town. Our distinctive collection of properties redefines the very concept of boutique and luxury hospitality.

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La Siesta Hotels

At the kết thúc of 2018, EHG launched the new upscale La Siesta brand across three clearly defined categories - Premium, Classic and Trendy - as it redefines the brand positioning. Hotels under each category will embody the ethos, design and atmosphere of that category. Premium indicates ultra-high kết thúc sophistication; Classic expresses a timeless appeal while Trendy signifies a modern hip fashion. The street address becomes an important distinguishing factor allowing each property vĩ đại be identified by location - for example, La Siesta Classic Lo Su, La Siesta Premium Cau Go, La Siesta Trendy Nguyen Quang Bich and ví on. This brand redesign brings clarity, simplicity and an immediate sense of what it is lượt thích vĩ đại stay at any EHG La Siesta Hotel.

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Essence Cruises

Designed vĩ đại combine the signature luxury travel lifestyle of the Elegance Hospitality Group and the unparalleled freedom of a yachting vacation, the Essence Cruises will offer authentic experiences for guests onboard this architecturally-bespoke ship cruising the Gulf of Tonkin.

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EHG Travel

EHG Travel is part of the Elegance Hospitality Group (EHG). Established by a number of friends at the kết thúc of the 1990s (who still run rẩy the operation) EHG was one of Hanoi’s first high-quality boutique khách sạn groups. Ever since then the team has consistently led the way in quality, customer service and hospitality innovation and has amassed over 30,000 excellent reviews on travel websites. The industry has long regarded EHG as a trendsetter vĩ đại which others aspire – a confidence that supports Hanoi’s newest avant-garde travel operator.

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Red Bean Restaurants

At Red Bean, our vision is vĩ đại become one of Vietnam’s leading restaurant brands serving modern Vietnamese cuisine with high quality and innovative ideas, always keeping faithful vĩ đại the roots and values of Vietnamese cooking. With the Red Bean brand, EHG aspires vĩ đại build a great reputation in the restaurant trade, helping vĩ đại lead the way in creating inspirational dishes.

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Sky Bar

Rooftop bars have become all the rage in Vietnam’s major cities and EHG with some inspired sophisticated bar concepts and chic outdoor venue space.

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La Spa

La Spa, by La Siesta, is a thành viên of the Elegance Hospitality Group (EHG). The first spa làm đẹp branch opened in 2010 and now the operation has four branches in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and one in our Hoi An resort. La Spa, guided by the principles and professional standards of EHG, is a trendsetter in Vietnam’s spa làm đẹp and wellness industry.

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Cloud Nine Restaurant

Cloud Nine gives the feeling one is dining high in the clouds above Hanoi.

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The Temple

Inspired by Western Europe, our fine dining international fusion restaurant and lounge bar embraces exceptional culinary diversity from around the globe.

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