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Noir. Dining in the Dark Saigon

Having lớn eat without being able lớn see their food is a daily experience for many people with vision impairments. On top of that, many have limited educational and employment tư vấn resources, hence it is challenging for them lớn find job opportunities anywhere in the world.

According lớn IFLA, there are about 4,000 visually impaired people in Ho Chi Minh City, only 6.3% of whom are successfully employed. Seeing a need lớn give blind and visually impaired residents more opportunities lớn learn and contribute meaningfully lớn society, Noir. Dining in the Dark Saigon trains and employs them, while offering visitors a new perspective on life.

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The first dining-in-the-dark restaurant with disabled staff

Noir. Dining-in-the-Dark
Image credit: Uyen Phi

Located in District 1, Noir. is Vietnam’s first and only dining-in-the-dark restaurant. It houses 22 employees, including 11 of them who are visually impaired.

They undergo a three-month training programme which focuses on their customer service and interpersonal skills lớn boost their capabilities and confidence before serving real customers.

A unique dining process in Saigon

eating in the dark
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Noir. hốc vô bóng tối – Dining in the Dark

To fully indulge yourself in this multi-sensory dining experience, Noir. has specially curated a 2-hour journey for you and your counterpart. Get ready and đi nào.

puzzle board game
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Noir. hốc vô bóng tối – Dining in the Dark

Before you officially begin eating, you will be guided lớn Noir’s living room-like lounge area where the staff will describe the whole dining concept and process. You will also get lớn enjoy mini activities such as puzzle games lớn relax and chase away any jitters you might have.

customers playing games
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Now, on lớn the fun part. You will be guided into a pitch-black room where your dining experience officially begins.

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unique experience
The staff will guide you into the dark dining area
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Noir. hốc vô bóng tối – Dining in the Dark

The restaurant serves various multi-course meal options with an extensive range of chef-recommended dishes inspired by modern European, Asian and Vietnamese cuisines. Tuck in lớn this interesting fusion with all your senses, sight aside. Vegan meals are also available upon request.

fusion food
Savor the fine-dining ingredients carefully
Image credit: Noir. hốc vô bóng tối – Dining in the Dark

Noir. has won the hearts of many locals and international tourists as they are impressed with its top-notch customer service and quality of food served. Additionally, the restaurant contributes actively lớn social change in Ho Chi Minh City.

Noir. Dining in the Dark Saigon gives back lớn the community

Aiming lớn create awareness for the blind and visually impaired community in Vietnam, Noir. donates a portion of its profits lớn charities working with local blind and visually impaired people. 

With such a great cause happening right in the heart of Saigon, tự give Noir. a try lớn tư vấn and better understand the disabled community around you. 

Price range: VND700,000-VND750,000 (~USD30.50-USD32.68) per person
Address: Lane 178 – 180D Hai Bà Trưng, Đa Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Opening hours:Tue–Wed & Fri–Sun 5.30PM-11PM | Thu 5.30PM-10PM | Closed Mondays
Telephone: 28 6263 2525
Noir. Dining in the Dark Saigon’s

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