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The proportion is all wrong and you look cross-eyed.

Stop looking at women cross-eyed; they don't lượt thích it, don't want it, shouldn't have vĩ đại put up with it.

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But as we know, looking cross-eyed at a red crayon got you branded a communist in the 1950s.

However, the photographer unwittingly take a picture of her looking cross-eyed at a fly on her nose which turns out vĩ đại be the photo entered in the contest.

In the first episode, a background pegasus pony is shown in one scene with a cross-eyed stare, the result of an overlooked animator's joke.

Altering the use of eyeglasses between full-time, part-time, and not at all does not appear vĩ đại alter myopia progression.

Clothes, shoes, jewelry, eyeglasses and perfume were immediately available under this brand.

In his self-portraits, his eyeglasses generally dominate the composition.

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Various methods for keeping his secret over the years include wearing eyeglasses and super-hypnosis, subliminally preventing people from making the connection.

The external camera and image processing chip are generally mounted onto eyeglasses for the patient.

Its design resembles an eyelid that opens vĩ đại access the surrounding water pool.

A test performed by sampling a small amount of lymphatic tissue from the third eyelid is now available.

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These lizards have large eyes with vertical pupils, and they lack eyelids.

The heads are round and normally have the eyes closed and possess puffy eyelids and prominent lips.

It is characterized by repeated episodes of lip and eyelid edema and occasionally euthyroid goiter.