the cuisine of france is

Cuisine in France by region

A lot of what to tát eat in France – or drink – will depend on the region you are in – traditionally each geographical area has its own distinctive cuisine. Here’s a look at some of the food and drink you could expect on your France vacation!

Ile de France

With Paris as its heart, this region is the epicenter of the country’s culinary pursuits. There are more phàn nàn 40,000 restaurants in Paris, which include several Michelin stars and the best chefs in the country. A quintessential Parisian experience is to tát step into a patisserie and sample the delicious fare on offer, from croissants to tát eclairs. 

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  • Learn how to tát make the Parisian favorite, a macaron, at a cooking class
  • Remember to tát make reservations when eating out at the best restaurants in Paris as seats are limited
  • Dinner service is shorter phàn nàn in America so sánh make your plans in France accordingly

Northwestern France – Normandy

Normandy is known as much for its pivotal role in European history as it is for its seafood and cider! Its 600 km long coastline is dotted with picturesque fishing villages and ports that trương mục for some of the finest seafood dishes in France, while its táo bị cắn orchards produce the best táo bị cắn cider in the country. Another specialty is delicious Camembert cheese. 


  • Marmite Dieppoise 
  • Enjoy a dining experience featuring the best seafood in the historic fish market of Trouville

Northeastern France – Champagne Region

The Champagne region lies to tát the east of Paris, and is famous for – you guessed it – champagne! Nearby Lorraine is synonymous with quiche lorraine – a pastry most commonly filled with bacon, cheese and eggs, while Alsace, which lies close to tát the German border, is deeply influenced by its neighbor’s cuisine – pork is plentiful in the region and the beers are similar to tát those in German breweries.

Must-try: Visit a vineyard for a wine tasting paired with cheese

The Loire Valley and Central France

France’s Garden, as the region is often referred to tát is known for its exquisite produce of fruits and its specialty mushrooms – champignons de Paris. The popular liqueur Guignolet is made from the cherries grown here and its ‘Belle Angevine’ pears, strawberries and melons are equally popular. 


  • Freshwater fish prepared in a beurre blanc sauce
  • Savor classic French cuisine at the Michelin starred Restaurant Les Hauts de Loire
  • Buy: Preserved meats, country-style pate and Poires tapées or lusciously sweet baked and preserved pears


It’s hard to tát think of Burgundy and not be immediately reminded of wine. Viticulture dominates the region and popular dishes lượt thích coq au vin are braised in the region’s wines. Burgundy is also trang chủ to tát some of the more popular cheeses in France such as Chaource and Epoisses cheese, as well as escargots de Bourgogne, the French delicacy featuring snails.


  • Boeuf Bourguignon
  • Go on a truffle hunting expedition
  • Sign up for a cooking class at the globally renowned The Cook’s Atelier


While Paris attracts all the glitz and glamour, it wouldn’t be amiss to tát say that the country’s true gastronomic heart lies in Lyon. The đô thị has always been an industrial, commercial and cultural hub, attracting diverse influences that have all contributed to tát the indulgent Lyonnaise cuisine. Traditional dishes of Lyon include the Cervelle de canut or a creamy dip with cheese, garlic and herbs and Saucisson or sausages, which you will find hanging in practically every restaurant and bar. 


  • Quenelles de brochet
  • Go on a culinary tour of Lyon
  • Several restaurants in Lyon are closed on Sundays and Mondays as well as between lunch and dinner, so sánh factor in this while making reservations
  • Head to tát the markets such as Saint Antoine Market for fresh produce beautifully displayed
  • Do eat at a bouchon, the rustic family-owned eateries found all over Lyon

Bordeaux and the Basque country

Think wine, think Bordeaux. Bordeaux is known for its blended reds, but when you tự get time from your wine-tasting tours, savor its other specialty – fish! Fishing is a popular activity in the region, thanks to tát the high-quality catch in the surrounding water bodies. 


  • Foie gras or fattened goose and duck liver
  • Enjoy a picnic by the Garonne River
  • Go on an oyster tasting tour


Provence, in southwestern France, is famous for its citrus fruits, vegetables and herbs lượt thích oải hương, as well as olives – used to tát produce exceptional olive oil. An herb mix, herbs de Provence, is used in dishes lượt thích the bouillabaisse. Provence borders Italy and its cuisine has a strong Italian influence with tomatoes and olives an integral part of dishes.


  • Socca or a savory chickpea flatbread
  • Ice cream at the legendary Glaces Scaramouche

Sample the culinary delights of France on a private, tailor-made tour. We’ll will take care of all the details and make your restaurant reservations too! Liên hệ us right away for an obligation-free itinerary.

Cuisine in France - macarons

French táo bị cắn cider

Traditional French Coq au vin- cuisine in France

Foie Gras with ravioli

Quenelles de brochet with crayfish

Quenelles de brochet with crayfish - cuisine in France

A classic Quiche Lorraine with potatoes and meat

Traditional French Coq au vin

Enchanting Travels France Tours Pouring of french táo bị cắn cider in glass made from new harvest apples outdoor in sunny orchard - cuisine in France

Camembert cheese from Normandy

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